Places to Stay

We have not visited every place on the list, and you will probably find more if you look

We have been checking and monitoring the various vacation rental sites. 


Here are a few we found that are close to Go Sail Flathead Lake. 

Get creative!

We've included lodging, cabins, tent sites, HipCamps, and small bed and breakfasts. We cannot guarantee availability but last time I checked there was still some availability for the summer.


Hot Springs, MT

Lake Mary Ronan Lodge

Lake Mary Ronan, MT

10 minutes

RV park

Rollins, MT

Wild Horse Island Vista Cabins

Dayton, MT

0 minutes, on site

Local Bed and Breakfast

Woods Bay

RV park

Lakeside, MT

Big Arm State Park Camping

Big Arm, MT

13 minutes

Local Bed and Breakfast

Polson, MT

Local Bed and Breakfast

Somers, MT