Captain Genevieve Evans

Captain Genevieve is the founder of Go Sail Flathead Lake. She has been an ASA sailing instructor and USCG Captain teaching on Flathead Lake, Virgin Islands, Bahamas, and Belize for more than 10 years. Her students appreciate her adaptable style and couples coaching. Captain G's classes are always fun and include loads of smiles while learning. 

Captain Chad Crist

Captain Chad has been sailing on Flathead Lake and Puget Sound for more than 10 years! He loves to sail, and loves teaching others about what he enjoys the most! Captain Chad became an ASA Instructor with better teacher and teach more often. He  enjoys seeing the students gain confidence and take control of the boat. Chad strives to make learning fun and to fit your style of learning. He is looking forward to helping you achieve your dream of learning to sail!

Captain Chad Crist

I have been sailing Flathead Lake and Puget Sound for the last 10+ years!  I love to sail, and I love to teach others about what I enjoy!  I became an ASA Instructor to be able to do this better and more often.  I enjoy seeing the students gain confidence and taking control of the boat.  I always strive to make learning fun and fit your style!  I look forward to helping you achieve your dream of learning to sail!

~ Captain Chad

Captain Kristie HepBurn

Kristie has been sailing for 15 years. She learned to sail on the Hudson River while living in New York City and spent most of her sailing career racing and cruising around the statute of liberty. When it got too cold to sail on the Hudson, she took sailing vacations with friends in the Caribbean. After 18 years in Manhattan, she decided it was time to move back to her home state of Montana—where she discovered sailing on Flathead Lake! She is new to instructing and looks forward to sharing her knowledge and experience with those learning to sail.  

Jon Barlow

Jon Barlow has been sailing since he could walk. In fact, he was riding along on the boat even before that, nestled snug in a basket as a skinny little baby. His grandfather was a boatbuilder who passed his knowledge of boats and love for sailing on down the family line. Jon’s personal passion for sailing runs deep and goes hand-in-hand with his study of birds and their harmony with the wind. His capable and responsive Pearson 33-2 Keewaydin is his happy place—and a fantastic teaching platform. For him, teaching is all about sharing his joy in sailing and meeting the great variety of amazing people who want to experience sailing. He hopes his students get the spark and keep it up. Welcome aboard!

Heading 6

Captain Coy Theobalt

Captain Coy Theobalt's love of boating began at the age of eight, when he decided he wanted to become a boat captain. By the young age of fifty, Coy had finally achieved his lifelong goal and became a US Coast Guard Captain. It was a long and winding road that took him to owning his own charter company in the US Virgin Islands on his beloved sailboat, Gypsy Wind. He now spends his days teaching sailing, fly fishing, playing music, and sailing his new boat, Endurance around the Caribbean Sea.